What ADL Delivers    
• ADL provides cost effective alternatives for international businesses, aid donors and development agencies who want to eliminate waste while maximizing the impact of their funding to Africa, by working with and investing in local expertise and infrastructure. We believe that waste will be reduced and aid effectiveness increased if more technical assistance is designed and implemented by qualified local people, rather than international consultants.

• ADL enables direct communication between funders and their target groups in Africa using leapfrog technologies that help bridge geographical and cultural gaps, and which are integral to our management strategy. We believe that increasing access to the global technological revolution will help African communities take control of their own development path.

• ADL invests in the training and capacity building of local business partners to ensure that international standards are met, from the technical aspects of sound management practice and successful industrial certification, to diligence over environmental and human rights norms. We believe that systematic integration of these high standards into our working practices contributes substantially to the capacity building of our partners.
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• ADL’s skills and experience from work in dozens of countries over 3 decades (View our expertise page) means we are able to facilitate successful, participative processes in Africa with rural communities, governments and civil society actors, resulting in programmes providing credible benefits for local people, their environment and business. Working with and investing in local expertise ensures that our projects are sustainable and deliver the results you are looking for and you can feel confident that your money is being used in the most cost-effective way.

• ADL’s commitment to poverty alleviation and the devolution of decision-making towards project beneficiaries is central to our overall strategy. We believe that if the Millennium Development Goals are to be achieved the development debate must move away from the conference hall and boardroom and into the forests, fields and savannahs of Africa.

• ADL’s expertise and insider knowledge means that we are able to work just about anywhere, including in post-conflict areas, while avoiding the corruption and gross waste that continues to plague the aid sector in Africa.

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