Our Expertise    

ADL is directed by John Nelson, FRSA, an economist with 25 years of international, multilingual and multidisciplinary experience across Europe and the USA, and 20 African countries, in English, French, Spanish and Bambara. Over that period John has delivered multiple, successful, long-term collaborative field and policy projects with farming, hunter-gatherer and pastoral communities, NGOs and the private and public sectors.

Through his work John has raised millions of dollars with private, bilateral and multilateral donors, alongside commercial enterprise, in order to support the struggle to end poverty in Africa. His expertise is influencing the development and implementation of strong social standards for the conservation, oil, logging, mining and carbon sectors in Africa. John is also the Africa Policy Advisor for a major UK charity supporting forest peoples. He is a regular public commentator via TV, film, radio and print media in Africa, Europe and the USA, and participates regularly in key international forums targeting poverty eradication.

John established ADL in 2009 to respond to growing demands from international donors, NGOs and private investors seeking to reduce the risk and improve the effectiveness and profitability of their investments in Africa. He is passionate about maximizing the impact of investment in Africa by eliminating corruption, waste, and poor targeting of aid that perpetuate poverty on the continent.

ADL’s goal is to help clients ensure successful design and delivery of their programmes aimed at improving aid effectiveness, generating profits, reducing poverty and helping African countries meet the Millennium Development Goals.

Since incorporation in 2009 ADL associates have delivered a growing number of services, including:

  • Project reviews and advice, such as the West Africa evaluation for a leading anti corruption NGO based in the UK
  • Training processes on social standards, including forestry companies in Cameroon and the Republic of Congo
  • Technical advice to field programmes, such as ground-based forest monitoring systems in Cameroon funded by the UK Foreign and Commonwealth Office
  • Risk assessment, due diligence and advisory services to international business, including 5 commercial enterprises investing in dozens of African countries
  • The design of software and tools, including a leading supply chain company involved in social impact monitoring in Africa, Latin America and Asia
  • Advice to journalists and filmmakers working to expose corruption, wasted aid and human rights violations in the Congo Basin
  • Fundraising for national economic development projects in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

ADL’s 3 decades working globally in the USA, the UK, Europe, Mali, Cameroon, Senegal, Central Africa Republic, Egypt, the Democratic Republic of Congo, Liberia, Niger, Ghana, Kenya, Togo, the Republic of Congo, Rwanda, Cote d'Ivoire, South Africa, Morocco, Gabon, Ethiopia, Burkina Faso, Uganda, Pakistan and Ecuador means that ADL has the expertise to ensure your investment in Africa will deliver.

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