Africa Delivers: Maximising the impact of your investment in African Development

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At ADL we believe that a radical new approach to African development is long overdue. Led by John Nelson who has 25 years of experience of working in 20 African countries, ADL offers a radical approach which capitalizes on local expertise and utilises cutting-edge technology to enable you to achieve your objectives ethically and cost-effectively.

We provide independent, cost-effective risk assessment, evaluation and due diligence, technical advice, facilitation, and training for field projects and investment programmes by the private and public sectors in Africa.

Our strategy is based upon:
  • Partnerships with independent local experts who deliver technical assistance on the ground
  • Systematic communication and information sharing with the field to monitor impacts and inform decision-making
  • Investment in leapfrog technologies and capacity building for local business partners
  • Strong oversight and financial control
  • Application of high environment and human rights standards in line with evolving international standards
  • Profitable projects run by local people that help countries achieve the Millennium Development Goals
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